Political cover is going to be crucial in the coming months. [email protected] we cannot stress this enough. Truth speakers could be taken prisoner. What is crucial is that your political view is based on the scientific and legal, as well as constitutional laws. Coming together during the potential incarceration will give strength and voice against the crimes of the lying state apparatus. Our numbers are growing.

PCR Test. Was chosen to give a fake narrative to what is no more than a bad flu created by exposure to newly installed 5G networks and contaminated flu vaccines could be engineered into this plandemic.

MORE INFO HERE  Ravens worth Highway 2

Lock down. All part of the Global domestic terrorist’s agenda to stop assembly and the truth about their crimes getting heard by a larger number. We have all seen this before as the Paedophiles don’t want the truth getting out about their crimes against the children and people.

Vaccines. The Police and front line hospital workers will be given the contaminated vaccines and will become toxic to others at their place of work. The horror show is in full swing. Refusal is crucial to the survival of the human race; this race may be marked to die if it tacitly agrees to be destroyed. Mankind must step up their resistance to save the humans from this satanic agenda in their failing attempt to cover up their crimes against the humans over the many thousands of years.

MORE INFO HERE  1971 Powell memo to U.S. Chamber of Commerce urged broad action through societal structures to “attack the (Ralph) Naders”

Knowledge. We are not here to convince any human and it is up to them if they accept the science explaining that they have been abused and lied to by the Satanists since their time on this earth began.

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