The expert guide details why and how to reduce Wi-Fi by using safer wired internet connections. A Cyprus Directive calls to remove Wi-Fi from elementary classrooms. Wi-Fi has been removed from the pediatric units of the Archbishop Makarios III hospital.  The country also has a strong public awareness campaign educating parents, teenagers and pregnant women

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“In this guide, emphasis is given to wired internet communication, as the safest and most appropriate option for children. However, information is also given on how the wireless can be used in combination with essential precautionary measures.

Wireless communication is very convenient. However, we should use it with caution, applying PROTECTIVE measures, especially for children for whom wired internet connection is highly recommended. Through wired connection the child will be able to surf the internet and learn remotely, quickly and safely without being exposed to the harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMF/RF) that is emitted either by the device, or the router (further information and scientific evidence you may find in the bibliography listed on our website at the following link). We therefore apply good practices and use the internet and electronic communication safely and reasonably according to the age, especially now that we are at home. We put our health and especially children’s health above any “convenience”. We simply need to connect to the internet directly via an ETHERNET cable, and disable the Wi-Fi and mobile data, which must always be turned off when not in use.”

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“Remember that wired internet via Ethernet is more efficient than wireless Wi-Fi or mobile data. Because with the wired connection we have:

  • much faster connection speeds,
  • more reliable signal, without interruptions
  • better data security

But above all it is SAFE, since protects you and especially your children from the electromagnetic radiation (EMF/RF) (see the Declaration of Nicosia 2017, the scientific bibliography, the videos, and the guides of the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health at For the above reasons, apply wired technology in your home as much as possible. Make sure your child’s laptop, tablet and computer are connected to the internet through wired connection for distance learning.”

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“Before giving devices (tablets/mobile phones) to children switch all into flight mode and deactivated all antennas e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connections. Download movies, songs, etc. to your device so that children watch or listen to them in flight mode with all antennas turned off.”

For older children, try as much as possible to enable WIRED connections via ETHERNET for distance learning.