Golomb letter to San Diego BOS 8.7.19 on dangers of 5G

A must-read and must-share-widely letter. Dr. Beatrice Golomb, a world-renowned researcher, principal of the Golomb Research Group at UCSD, who studies EMF health effects, has written a second letter about 5G, this time to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, about the hazards of 5G and why the industry-captive FCC has allowed such a dangerous deployment. Her first letter on 5G was sent to Governor Brown, of California, to help stave off SB 649, a dangerous 2017 bill sponsored by State Senator Ben Hueso, that if signed by Brown, would have forced Californians to allow deployment of 5G, prior to the FCC power-grab of 2018. Dr. Golomb has also published on recent EMF attacks on US Embassy personnel in Cuba and China.

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