April 21, 2022  Letter to Jessica Rosenworcel, Chairwoman Federal Communications Commission From Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon  Children and FCC Wireless Radiation Safety Limits 

Environmental Health Trust was honored to present  to the Governors office on our lawsuit win against the FCC and the urgent need for new regulatory protections for children.

RE: August 13, 2021 judgment by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, in Environmental Health Trust et al. v. the FCC 

Dear Chairwoman Rosenworcel, 

In response to the judgment by the U.S. Court of Appeals in the Environmental Health Trust case, I am requesting that appropriate actions be taken immediately to wireless radiofrequency radiation levels. I request that the FCC ensure an up to date examination of its wireless radiofrequency radiation regulations by reopening Docket 13-84 (“Reassessment of FCC Radiofrequency Exposure Limits and Policies”) to refresh the record before issuing its final response to the judgment. 

The current scientific research must be immediately reviewed and acted upon in a timely manner so that the health and safety of our citizens is prioritized. Consumers must have accurate information related to the benefits and risks of the products and services available to them. Policies should be reflective of current scientific research performed in accordance with utilization. It is impossible for consumers to make educated decisions without accurate information; therefore, I am requesting that you take immediate action as directed by the courts to review the research and update any policies as necessary for the health and wellbeing of all citizens, including the most vulnerable, our children. 

Mark Gordon 

Governor of Wyoming

Download Letter from Governor Mark Gordon to the FCC 

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