From the Dr. Mercola site:

By Dr. Mercola

One of the most pernicious toxins we are exposed to isn’t something you can taste, see, hear or feel; it’s invisible electromagnetic fields (EMF) from electrical wiring and wireless technologies such as your cellphone and Wi-Fi. As with other toxins, you want to avoid it to protect your health, but just how do you effectively remediate against EMFs?

This and related questions are answered by Alasdair Philips, founder of Powerwatch,1 a British organization committed to uncovering the details of how EMFs affect health and how we can practically protect ourselves against detrimental effects. Philips was also a member of SAGE, the U.K. Department of Health Stakeholder Group on extremely low frequency (ELF) EMFs,2 and the British Health Protection Agency’s EMF Discussion Group.3