(Jan. 25,2019)

Dear Friends of Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP),

Many of you have heard that hundreds of informed, independent scientists are opposing 5G wireless cells set to be attached to light poles on all the streets throughout our communities. You can help stop this deployment with a simple letter to your City Council and County Supervisors. This has worked well in a number of communities. Ask that your city and/or county enact an “urgency ordinance” such as Mill Valley, Marin County, and San Anselmo, CA recently did, that prevents 5G cells in residential neighborhoods. Read more about this herein, with links to the ordinance Mill Valley enacted and the scientific data supporting it.  There is more information on the dangers of 5G on our Welcome Page at www.electrosmogprevention.org. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT, SEND YOUR LETTER TODAY! IN SAN DIEGO COUNTY, WHERE I LIVE, THEY ARE READYING TO INSTALL THESE CELLS. IT IS THE SAME IN YOUR TOWNS AND COUNTIES!

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A letter to the city or county could read something like this:

Dear __________,
I am a resident of ___________, and am writing to strongly express my deep concern over the potential installation of small wireless cells to implement 5G. Hundreds of informed, independent researchers, scientists, and physicians feel that the very high frequencies utilized by 5G are very likely to cause harm to the public and all biological beings. [http://www.5gappeal.eu/] This includes cancer. I do not want this in our residential neighborhoods. I ask that you enact an “urgency ordinance” [https://newspunch.com/california-bans-5g-cancer/] disallowing these to be installed in residential areas, especially, and if possible, throughout the entire city and county. We need to have the public health protected, this is of primary importance.

MORE INFO HERE  Testimony to Montgomery County Maryland Delegation on Wildlife and Wireless


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Take this simple action to stop 5G in your community!