The 2019 EMF Conference Videos are now available to the public!

“What’s happening here at EMFC 2019 is going to jumpstart a much-needed change in the mainstream medical community,” stated presenter Cindy Russell, MD and Executive Director of Physicians for Safe Technology.

EMFC 2019 is the first conference of its kind in the United States to bring the leading scientific cutting-edge experts to healthcare providers on wireless radiation exposures (5G, cell towers, cell phones, wireless devices) that affect the health and vitality of every person in the world.

The content presented in these videos contains critical information on the recognition, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of EMF/EMR-related illnesses. We invite the general public to use these videos to open the conversation with their own health care team.

Now for $295, you can access the content rich videos which include:     

·         All 18 hours of lectures by medical doctors, EMF scientists and building biologists

·         Includes Lecture Slides

·         Exclusive bonus panel: Global, National & Local EMF Policy Updates and Actions

·         Exclusive bonus panel: The Nuts and Bolts of EMF Avoidance: How to Retrofit Your Home and Office

·         Interactive Question and Answer Panels with world class presenters


Check out the EMF Conference 2019 website  to learn more.

2019 EMF Conference Videos