Smombie Gate was created in response to the proliferation of connected digital services and devices in peoples lives where now the Internet is their primary means of feedback, which is being steadily nudged into the Internet of Things. Peoples’ reality is getting lost in translation due to the sensory limitations of the Internet – This virtual feedback produces the hyper-polarisation of information resulting in the virtual interference of societal and cultural paradigms. There is overwhelming evidence that this contrived feedback loop is being censored and edited to the level of ‘pre-thought crime’ that is further confusing and influencing peoples minds and actions.

Psychopathic corporations like UK, Russian, USA, EU and Chinese Governments and agencies, CERN, NASA, MI6, Met Police, Bristol University, NSA, CIA, Bilderberg Group, Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, Jacobs, Telefonica, Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Neuralink, D-Wave, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, and SpaceX are in collusion in one form or another reaching the next stage of this ‘reality-intervention’ by making the Internet feedback loop more relevant through virtually merging Humans and the environment with the Internet using brain chips, energy fields, RFID and blanketing the planet with 5G wireless energy and Chemtrails.

In particular, we have all been betrayed by all these corporations who have been concealing the truth about dangerous Radio Frequency and EMF; hiding vital information in tiny sentences within device manuals and user agreements; using company confidentiality agreements and trade secrets as excuses; and making statements that the signals and energy from their manufactured connected devices conform to safety regulations set by corrupt scientists and institutions like ICNIRP and FCC backed up by Government health departments. These corrupt individuals, groups and corporations ignore, censor and whitewash tens of thousands of articles, letters and scientific studies from millions of concerned people, experts, doctors and scientists and hide behind Government or Federal authority when required… Nothing to see here, move along. These people are part of loony bin networks, fake news, illegal doctors, fringe scientists, conspiracy tin foil hat wearers, even ‘they’re on the spectrum’ comes up at times. The only conspiracy Smombie Gate sees here is the wanton control of your money, sweat equity, assets, health, children, body, mind and soul.

It is clear that 5G is different to all other generations of wireless energy. It isn’t a new technology and it’s been used as a method of target acquisition on the battlefield for decades; it’s been developed as a weapon against people and animals; 5G beamforming technology can focus a signal therefore it’s identified by the UK Government’s Planning Framework as a weapon; 5G masts and 5G infrastructure such as LED lampposts are being installed with at least 75% latent power potential, which is confirmed by Ericsson to be ‘too dangerous for deployment in some countries’; and Ericsson confirms 5G infrastructure has been installed and tested across Western countries since 2014 without public knowledge. The only assumption to make is that The Fifth Generation technology has been designed for one purpose and one purpose only: Deploy something so powerful that it can connect everything and everyones thoughts to it, whilst providing the perfect security and surveillance network for the complete domination of the planet.

Why does the infrastructure require so much power and integration? Who is really controlling 5G? Who owns the technology corporations? Who are the advocates? Who are the investors? What are their objectives? How does it work? When will it be fully deployed? These are the questions Smombie Gate attempts to give you answers to, in hope to inspire you the people to stand up for their freedom and health before it is too late.

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