1000s have sent this document to their local, regional and national Councils, Governments and other public bodies to find out what's happening in their communities.

Watch a collection of medical videos using Live Blood Microscopy that show how mobile phones, WIFI and smart meters destroy healthy blood.

Foetal and newborn, children, brain tumours, tumours, malignancies, DNA, neurological, cognitive, fertility, medical devices and effects of 5G.

5G is not just about mmWaves, it is a range of powerful technologies. 5G is military technology and the infrastructure has already been deployed, find out more here.

Pawel Kuczynski graduated Fine Arts Academy in Poznan has been rewarded with more than 140 prizes and distinctions creating thought-provoking illustrations that comment on social, economic, and political issues through satire.

Ericsson's leaked report: "Size of exclusion zone makes 5G network roll-out very challenging. Size of exclusion zone makes 5G network roll-out a major problem or impossible. In countries with EMF limits significantly below the international science-based ICNIRP limits the roll-out of 5G networks will be a major problem."

LED Streetlights are RG2 – “Possibly hazardous radiation”. We looked into this and there is something called: Photobiological Implementation of IEC62471 in Europe. What’s concluded in essence that LED lights only become a risk when they create disease and cancer.

We don’t need GMO food to feed the world. Frequencies being used with wireless technology could be replaced with health promoting frequencies. Likewise, if you believe in vaccination, upon receiving your vaccine, you may be spreading the pathogens which you believe you’re being protected from.