PC Dave Granville. He is the designated Civil Contingencies Officer
Fig.1 – PC Dave Granville. He is the designated Civil Contingencies Officer for City of Cardiff

Look at the image above, isn’t it interesting? A wall of CCTV monitoring Cardiff, and also where the Police can control all the LED streetlights in the City of Cardiff. Look closely at PC Dave Granville. He is the designated Civil Contingencies Officer. If you don’t know what the Civil Contingencies Act is here’s a short PDF: civil-contingencies-act-2004-a-short-guide-revised.

In a nutshell, my suspicion is that the LED streetlight infrastructure is part of the Government’s tool kit in tackling the following:

  • an event or situation which threatens serious damage to human welfare;
  • an event or situation which threatens serious damage to the environment; or
  • war, or terrorism, which threatens serious damage to security.

Scary isn’t it? It goes further:

The Act introduces a range of other new features, mostly designed to ensure emergency powers cannot be misused and can be used in a more targeted and proportionate manner. The centre piece of these is the “triple lock”, which ensures emergency powers will only be available if:

  • an emergency that threatens serious damage to human welfare, the environment or security has occurred, is occurring or is about to occur;
  • it is necessary to make provision urgently in order to resolve the emergency as existing powers are insufficient and it is not possible to bring forward a Bill in the usual way because of the need to act urgently; and
  • emergency regulations must be proportionate to the aspect or effect of the emergency they are directed at.

In addition emergency regulations:

    • cannot prohibit or enable the prohibition of participation in, or any activity in connection with, a strike or other industrial action;
    • cannot instigate any form of military conscription;
    • cannot alter any aspect of criminal procedures;
    • cannot create any new offence other than breach of the regulations themselves;
    • must be compatible with the Human Rights Act and EU law; and
    • are open to challenge in the courts

With the community’s help, Smombie Gate has already uncovered the fact that Councils across the Country are illegally operating LED streetlights beyond the British Safety standards of 8 hours a day. Most Councils came back to our community with no Health and Safety standards or processes, as well as no form of liability for damage to property, wildlife or persons (see article here). If anything Councils have been either utterly incompetent or cleverly ignorant about the truth of the LED streetlight infrastructure that’s now in all significant locations in the UK.

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This is the sticker attached to every LED streetlight:

LED Streetlights are mostly RG2 - Possibly hazardous radiation

LED Streetlights are RG2 – “Possibly hazardous radiation” – Look for these signs, they should be on EVERY light in clear VIEW! We looked into this and there is something called: Photobiological Implementation of IEC62471 in Europe. What’s concluded in essence that LED lights only become a risk when they create:

  1. Erythema
  2. Elastosis
  3. Photokeratitis
  4. Cataractogenesis
  5. Photoretinitis
  6. Retinal Thermal
  7. Retinal burn
  8. Infrared Radiation
  9. Corneal burn
  10. Thermal
  11. Skin burn

What exactly can 450 Volts of power do to one LED streetlight? It would be safe to assume if turned up to the full 450 Volts all 11 of the symptoms above. Also, remember, LED streetlights have Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), this is what makes them more energy efficient (you know when you see an LED light flicker? This is PWM). Imagine a scenario: PC Granville is told that ‘terrorists’ are about to attack the City Centre of Cardiff, use all means within the Civil Contingencies Act to contain the problem. Simple: Whack the LED lights up to 450 Volts and strobe them. You know when you have walked around a night club with strobes and you bump into someone because you’re blinded, well, LED streetlights can do this and more. PC Granville could target a group of ‘terrorists’ or what normal people would call protestors and literally bring them to their knees with pain, blindness, skin burning and radiation poisoning and track them as they attempt to get away through the wireless 3G, 4G or 5G nodes on the top of the lights through methods like passive RFID. And, there are LED streetlights being developed that use the diodes to detect movement and sounds. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, then get an electrical engineer to look at the videos below and tell me that Mark Steele is chatting bollox. Please, as I’d be really happy that I’m wrong and Mark’s wrong. Why? As this LED streetlight infrastructure is THE most powerful and effective weapon that has been deployed outside of most peoples doorsteps that can be operated in the comfort of a secure nuclear bomb proof control room, in fact, with the right software ANYWHERE in the world.

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Send this FOI to your Council today to understand their liability on RF, EMF, 5G and LED

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