A study demonstrates that COVID-19 is correlated with the implementation of new communications radiation. New studies have found several mechanisms by which wireless communication radiation may have led to an increase in COVID-19 outbreaks, including morphologic changes in erythrocytes, immunosuppression, autoimmunity, hyper-inflammation, elevated calcium levels for viral entry, replication, and release of the virus.

There is a connection between COVID-19, 4G and 5G exposure, according to evidence presented here. Evidence supports that WCR and 5G may have exacerbated the pandemic by weakening host immunity and increasing viral effects such as hyper-coagulation and decreased erythrocyte and haemoglobin levels.

Topics covered in the study: COVID-19, Coronavirus, coronavirus disease-19, severe acute respiratory syndrome, coronavirus 2, electromagnetic stress, electromagnetic fields, environmental factor, microwave, millimetre wave, pandemic, public health, radio frequency, radio frequency, wireless

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