We helped people understand what is going on in their areas through the FOI template on 5G and LED streetlights. Invariably Councils are coming back missing questions, making excuse or they really do not know what they’re installing and how dangerous LED streetlights are to the Human Body, wildlife and natural habitats.

This is the typical response for what Standards the Councils are using or at least the manufacturers are recommending:

“The LED street lights currently being installed are tested for Photobiological Safety and Optical Hazard Assessment to test standards IEC 62471:2006, EN 62471:2008 and must comply with BS EN 60598-2-3 Particular requirements — Luminaires for road and street lighting.”

LED Streetlights are mostly RG2 - Possibly hazardous radiation
LED Streetlights are mostly RG2 – Possibly hazardous radiation – Look for these signs, they should be on EVERY light in clear VIEW!!!

We looked into this and there is something called: Photobiological Implementation of IEC62471 in Europe. What’s concluded in essence that LED lights only become a risk when they create:

  1. Erythema
  2. Elastosis
  3. Photokeratitis
  4. Cataractogenesis
  5. Photoretinitis
  6. Retinal Thermal
  7. Retinal burn
  8. Infrared Radiation
  9. Corneal burn
  10. Thermal
  11. Skin burn

The LED street lights being installed are RG2 (Risk Group 2): Does not pose a hazard due to aversion response to bright light or thermal discomfort. This is the table for LED risk grouping:

Risk GroupPhilosophical Basis
ExemptNo photobiological hazard
RG1No photobiological hazard under normal behavioural limitation
RG2Does not pose a hazard due to aversion response to bright light or thermal discomfort
RG3Hazardous even for momentary exposure

The above table has been written in such a way that if you’re exposed even to RG1 LED, you can end up with by definition a “photobiological hazard” just outside your house beaming into your windows. Then look at RG2 – gobbledegook. I’m guessing as RG3 is “Hazardous even if it’s turned on” that all the expressed photobiological effects will take place if the LED lights are controlled in such a way to overexpose Humans, wildlife and natural habitats.

LED Streetlights are mostly RG2 - Possibly hazardous radiation
LED Streetlights are mostly RG2 – Possibly hazardous radiation – Look for these signs, they should be on EVERY light in clear VIEW!!!

Here’s an scientific breakdown of the photobiological effects of LED lighting:

“A measurement methodology and exposure limit values (taken from ICNIRP data) are given in the consideration of the six hazards to the skin and eye for an exposure duration of up to eight hours, taken as a working day. No consideration is taken of the potential effects of long-term exposure, abnormal behaviour, nor abnormal photosensitivity.”


PDF here in case they take the page down: Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamps Systems – Bentham

I will turn this statement into Plain English for you:

We have only tested LED street lighting for a maximum of 8 hours, beyond this, it’s certain skin and eye exposure effects from RG2 will begin to manifest on the Human Body. We cannot officially test for long-term exposure, abnormal behaviour, nor abnormal photosensitivity beyond 8 hours because we would be breaking the Nuremberg Treaty, which is International Law. But we’re 100% certain if you misuse RG2 even RG1 LED lighting standards, at worst you will find all 11 symptoms found in the IEC62471 standard.

LED Streetlights are mostly RG2 - Possibly hazardous radiation
LED Streetlights are mostly RG2 – Possibly hazardous radiation – Look for these signs, they should be on EVERY light in clear VIEW!!!

The great news is that the Public now have a weapon and tactic of our own by enforcing IEC62471 and ICNIRP Standards onto Councils, by Law they have to prove they’re falling inside these Standards, if they don’t, then let’s see where this takes us. If LED streetlights around your home are on for longer, they have to answer to you and you can take them to Court for misuse of this LED lighting technology.

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These new LED streetlights by definition are lethal weapons. There is no end to the damage they can cause Human bodies and the environment, if they’re misused or controlled by Terrorists, the Chinese or even our own Government. A Domestic Attack in biblical proportions could be done by utilising a strobing effect, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and intensity through the Control Management System (CMS) with a few clicks in any part of the World. LED street lighting will be a brilliant and effective weapon in any operations within the confines of the Civil Contingency Act and Martial Law.

Mark Steele has quite rightly pointed out that these LED streetlights even without any Control Management System, 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G installed are simply a disguised weapon. But it doesn’t stop there, these Council-owned LED systems are under ‘management’ by private Military engineering and hardware companies like Jacobs, where they even get Council email addresses to make them look like they’re working for the people instead of insidious Military contractors:

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Osmond Faleiro
Street Lighting Engineer
01344 351138
[email protected]

Osmond’s other job is with Jacobs:

Jacobs Engineering capabilities and who Osmond Faleiro works for:

If you still don’t believe LED lighting systems cannot be used as a weapon, please read the weapon the Russians are beginning to install onto their Naval Fleets:

“The weapon emits an oscillating beam of high-intensity light designed to cause temporary blindness, disorientation, and even nausea. In testing, it reportedly affected participants’ ability to aim effectively. Others felt sick, and some experienced hallucinations. The Russian navy is apparently outfitting its warships with a new naval weapon designed to blind and confuse enemies and, sometimes, make them want to hurl, Russian media said this weekend. The new device is a dazzler-type weapon that works like a strobe light, emitting an oscillating beam of high-intensity light that negatively affects an enemy’s ability to aim at night. The dazzling weapon was tested against volunteers firing assault weapons, sniper rifles, and machine guns at targets protected by Filin from two kilometres away. All of the participants experienced difficulties aiming, and 45% had complaints of dizziness, nausea, and disorientation. Twenty percent of volunteers experienced what Russian media has characterised as hallucinations. Participants described seeing floating balls of light. The concept behind “dazzling” weapons has been around for decades in one form or Blinding weapons, particularly lasers, that cause permanent blindness are prohibited by the Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons. As Russia’s weapon reportedly only causes temporary blindness, there would be no legislative restrictions on its use, not that legal issues may be of any real concern.”


A Russian Admiral Gorshkov-class frigate. Russian Defense Ministry

Here’s some telltale photographs I have taken as evidence that LED street lighting is adversely affecting nature around them:

How to make an FOI request to your local Council or Government:

5G Freedom of Information Request FOI – How to Lawfully Expose Smart City Plans