There is a misunderstanding of what 5G is, some think it’s to do with mmWaveforms or that it is simply a 5Ghz Radio Frequency. Please bear with me on the technical aspects, I’ve tried my best to distill the information in a way so you can understand.

Businesses are mainly advertising mmWaves, which are the higher frequencies like 26Ghz. 5G means the Fifth Generation of mobile technology. 5G’s commercial range of infrastructure and devices are still being mulled over and some Cities in the UK are undergoing illegal or categorised experiments without any consent by the affected Public who are being ‘zapped’ by dangerous frequencies and gear that have been mastered by the Military over the last 30 years, if not longer.

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A big part of 5G are two technologies called Beamforming and a Massive MIMO array (mobile masts broadcasting and receiving signal, they use Massive multiple-input, multiple-output). Instead of 1 conventional antenna array broadcasting and receiving 3G or 4G designated frequencies, 5G can use over 100 smaller antennas that focus a radio frequency – this is called Beamforming – onto 100 specific locations at once or receive data from 100 locations at once. Bigger more sophisticated arrays that can map 3D environments and identify targets can be found on most modern military hardware such as Apache Gunships, the F-35 Lightning II, F22 Stealth Fighter, Nuclear Battleships and Surface to Air missile systems such as the famous Russian SA-400. This kind of military hardware or in other words 5G technology is also used as a weapon by the Police to disperse crowds and to interrogate or kill the enemy by the Military.

Where the misunderstanding creeps in is that telecoms brands like EE and O2 have licensed frequencies in the mmWave spectrum because they can fit more data into the bandwidth. This doesn’t mean that 5G technology is restricted by frequency, 5G technology will make a 3G or 4G mobile phone network insanely faster just by deploying Massive MIMO and Beamforming, which is already deployed in many places in the UK and the World.

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The 3G and 4G small cell technology infrastructure is using 5G technology and unbeknown to the Public, in some areas businesses who developed the technology for the Military like Jacobs are the very companies rolling out 5G and LED streetlight technology for UK and USA Government. I will repeat, these 3G or 4G arrays on the top of each lamp outside your home and work are in some cases already utilising 5G technology. These arrays are proven to be constantly inputting and outputting data your local Council’s database, why? The Council’s official reason is that they have a Smart CMS (a piece of software) that constantly monitors the streetlights for breakages and optimising power consumption. In theory, by using advanced and covert software applications, the Council, Government, Intelligence services or even Jacobs can use the entire RF network in a number of ways to spy on the Public and take advantage of LED light control that is proven to change Human perception of light, i.e. our reality. When these arrays are switched to the 5G network, they will enable the use of:

  • Government-owned and private autonomous vehicles
  • Realtime communication with androids and AI units
  • Holographic phone calls
  • Crowd dispersal
  • Realtime 3D target acquiring
  • Mobile Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Realtime monitoring and intervention of the brain and nervous system through Neural implants such as Elon Musk’s Neuralink 5G implant that will lace the Internet and AI into the subject’s thoughts and vision, as well as giving real senses such as smell within Holographic and Virtual Reality environments and sharing feelings between friends
  • Zukerberg’s 5G brain implant that will control body functions
  • Ability to focus say 10 Massive MIMO or small cell arrays into one location or target to scramble Human DNA and promote rapid cellular breakdown of a Human Being
  • And much more
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It suddenly becomes obvious the reasons why the West does not want the Chinese near 5G!

If LED Street Lights are on More Than 8 Hours a Day, your Council is in TROUBLE!

In Mark Steele’s 5G Court and Legal case with Gateshead Council, he’s stated that Gateshead Council installed 1000s of LED streetlights linked to a Control Management System (CMS) through arrays that are 5G enabled. The arrays on top of the lamps are utilising 868Mhz and these arrays according to Mark include a dielectric lens that changes the shape of any radio frequency – this is a deployable 5G technology. Gateshead Council are basing their entire case that Mark’s claim is not true. My belief is that they’re not understanding what 5G means, and assuming because they’re not Massive MIMO or using mmWaves that it’s not 5G. Gateshead Council are certainly not experts in 5G technology, and it’s obvious they’re not comfortable with the fact that Mark Steele has been deemed an expert by the Judge in the last trial, which they’re trying to undo by defamation of character and proving that Mark is being threatening towards Council Officers by calling them ‘liars’ and ‘baby killers’.

Today we’ve found a European Commission 5G Initiative called: Light deployment regime for small-area wireless access points. This evidence validates Mark’s scientific expert statement that states, just because a piece of 5G technology isn’t dealing with the popularised mmWaves doesn’t mean it isn’t 5G:

“The Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG), an advisory Group to the Commission, adopted a 5G Opinion recommending a mix of three ‘pioneer’ bands (700 MHz, 3.6 GHz and 26 GHz) to be used to facilitate the launch of 5G in the EU by 2020. Small cells are already deployed to increase capacity of 4G networks. There is evidence from LTE networks that small cells become necessary to supplement macro-cells in order to fulfil the requirements of 5G services such as area traffic capacity, connection density or available capacity per user necessary to benefit fully from the possibilities of 5G.”

This EU initiative proves 100% that these ‘small cells’ have already been rolled out, which we already knew, and it’s only a matter of time when they’re going to switch to the 5G network.

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Another scary aspect is that industry groups who are working with the EU like is lobbying the EU to basically relax health and safety Law based on THEORETICAL ASSESSMENTS, this is bananas and yet true, read here:

The requirement for compliance assessment of small cells in terms of RF-EMF exposure limits is a significant barrier for dense small cell deployments, due to the relatively larger number of small cell sites (both outdoor and indoor) that may need to undergo the costly and time-consuming assessment for product installation compliance.

However, there has been increased recommendations for small cells to have simplified assessments that reduce or eliminate the need for product installation compliance for individual small cell installations. The recommendations are increasingly backed by scientific research results, most of which have concluded that the RF-EMF compliance boundaries typically evaluated based on theoretical maximum transmit powers, create overly conservative EMF limits and may unnecessarily constraint the density of small cell deployments. Furthermore, scientific studies supported by measurements in real deployments could further enhance the validity of these claims.

This means that there is no association or body to regulate the installation of these small cell networks. Further detailed reading is found in their PDF here:

5g-danger-cancer-Global5G.org_D3.1-Study on small cells and dense cellular networks regulatory issues_v1.0_rev3_0


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