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Practicing medicine in an era of widespread chronic illness is challenging. “Mystery Illness” patients with multiple symptoms whose etiology eludes even the most exhaustive workups are increasingly common. The lack of diagnosis and treatment options is frustrating for both patient and practitioner.

Growing numbers of such patients connect their symptoms with various electromagnetic field (EMF) exposures. They note that turning off wireless devices such as Wi-Fi, cordless phones, or other means of lowering man-made EMF exposure, decreases or eliminates their symptoms. Ironically, when they share this information with their physician, they are often met with skepticism or disbelief. EMF Associated Illness is treatable, but often missed.

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Bacterial Effects of EMF Exposure

Dr. Goldberg’s lecture at the EMF Medical Conference 2021 reviews key papers on bacterial and other microbial effects of EMFs and correlate clinically with possible health and epidemiologic concerns. A large body of literature demonstrates that electromagnetic fields, particularly radiofrequency radiation, impact growth patterns and antibiotic susceptibility of various microbes.

Sharon Goldberg is an Integrative Internal Medicine Physician. Her clinical interests include dietary, lifestyle and environmental modification to treat complex chronic disease. She has co-authored publications in the fields of dietary supplementation, autonomic nervous system assessment, and nutritional epidemiology. Learn more here. Source: Environmental Health Trust