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Awareness Posters/Factsheets

The Center for Public Integrity Investigations

Santa Clara Medical Association Magazine Articles

Frank Clegg, former Microsoft Canada Interviewed about 5G and Wireless Video

Investigate Europe’s Two Part Investigation on 5G: These 2019 reports cover the 5G rollout and the history of industry influenced research on EMFs.

EHT’s Youtube Playlist on 5G and Science

5G Health Effects: University of California San Francisco Lecture by Dr. Devra Davis

Health and Environmental Effects of 5G: Educational Webinar

What You Need to Know About 5G: This EHT webpage has a quick summary of what you need to know about 5G small cells. We recommend that anyone interested in 5G start here to get an overview of the issues.

Insurance White Papers classify the rollout of 5G and Smartcities as “High Risk.” The 2019 Swiss Re Report 5G is rated as a “high impact” emerging risk affecting property and casualty claims in more than 3 years. “Off the leash – 5G mobile networks”  (p. 29)….As the biological effects of EMF in general and 5G in particular are still being debated, potential claims for health impairments may come with a long latency. Read Insurance White Papers here. 

EHT webpage on Protective US City Ordinancesthat attempt to minimize the small cell roll out in neighborhoods. EHT has compiled ordinances from around the country that you can download and use in your city. This page is critical to provide to your city officials who are interested in what other cities are doing.

5G Technology vs Science and Freedom of Choice: A neighborhood flyer with basic facts by Americans for Responsible Technology

MORE INFO HERE  Robert Kennedy Jr. claims Bill Gates ‘owns the WHO’

What states have 5G streamlining bills passed? Find out here at the National Conference of State legislatures website.  “Twenty state legislatures have enacted small cell legislation that streamlines regulations to facilitate the deployment of 5G small cells. Those states are Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, New MexicoOhio,  Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginiaand Washington. Additionally, the Missouri legislature passed a small cell bill that is awaiting the governor’s signature.”

Members of Congress have written letters to the FCC asking about safety. Please see a list of letters here. 

MORE INFO HERE  Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Fields: Tumor Treating Fields Target Cancer Cells by Several Mechanisms of Action

Videos and Films Movie Picks on Cell Towers and Cell Phones

CBC Investigative Reports: Award winning investigative CBC reporter Wendy Mesley

Scientific analyses show industry funding can and does influence research on radiofrequency radiation. Please take the time to review each of these  studies and to review the documentation provided by experts. This webpage has published citations on the influence of industry and vested interests (scroll down). Please also be aware of these investigative reports on industry influence which summarize the issue:

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