GREATER EARTH MEDIA, INC Press Release, reposting with permission

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BELLINGHAM, Washington / July 4, 2019 / Greater Earth Media, Inc. 

Greater Earth Media, Inc. releases their latest short documentary project, “5G BEWARE” free to the public on-line. The film discusses the potential threat 5G Technology poses to the citizens of the world by exposing scientific studies filed by organizations such as the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (W.H.O.) confirming the carcinogenic effects of non-ionizing (cell phone) radiation. 

The film also exposes the US Government, namely the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), in their revocation of individuals’ and municipalities’ rights to put a stop to the installment of 5G transmitters and technology. The documentary calls for the public to stand up, with their local governments, to fight the FCC and “Big Telecom” companies, and ensure that proper scientific testing is undertaken and full transparency is shared with concerned citizens. 

“5G BEWARE” is produced by Greater Earth Media, Inc. and co-directed by Jennifer Durant and Thomas Henry Durant. This is Jennifer Durant’s directorial debut, but she is a storied voice in the community of health and wellness. Thomas co-created Greater Earth Media with producer, Gwenn Morreale. This film is Thomas’ first  official short documentary, with two feature length projects currently in the works, “Freedom of the Pack” and “Sound Heals”. 

Free Link To The Film: 

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5G Beware: New Documentary by Greater Earth Media, Inc.