Friday, 18th of September 2020,

Citizens have proceeded to police stations across the island in different cities to file a report against to the Head of the Telecommunications Department(equivalent to the Head of FCC), as well as against to the Deputy Minister of Research Innovation and Digital Policy, demanding an investigation to be commenced for violations of the criminal code because of the planned licensing of 5G.

Based on Cyprus Law, these two government officials have duty, due to their position, to protect Public Health. However, their actions of licensing 5G is in direct contradiction. The key evidence for accusing them is the join document that you will see attached from the Cyprus Medical Association(CyMA) and the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health (CNCECH), stating that the licensing of 5G, cannot be considered as safe and could be dangerous. This information has many times forwarded to them with no change in their plans or taking any measures to reduce those risks.

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More citizens are expected to follow today.

Report from Zenonas Michaelides of ΕΜF Cyprus.

“I hereby submit this report against the Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy Mr. Kyriakos Kokkinos and the Director of the Department of Electronic Communications Mr. Georgios Kommodromos, demanding an investigation into the possibility of penal offences having been committed, since during the period when signatures were being collected from people in an appeal opposing the implementation of 5G in Cyprus, and/or during the Department of Electronic Communications’ Public Consultation process for licensing of the range of frequencies of 700Mhz, 3.6Ghz and 26Ghz, having signed the said appeal and/or having participated in the Public Consultation process and/or as a citizen of the republic who is directly affected and concerned, I had expressed and/or I am expressing my opposition to the licensing and implementation of 5G networks since I believe that there are valid grounds for suspicion and/or scientifically founded grounds for investigation, from a significant number of scientists who have raised concerns about irreversible health effects and harm to public health due to the dramatic increase in exposure to electromagnetic radiation.”

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