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The 90-minute presentation heard from David Wingate, a former government conservation officer, who likened the deployment of 5G to the DDT crisis after the pesticide was first thought to be safe. Dr Wingate said DDT had been linked to the mysterious failure of Cahow eggs in Bermuda – findings that he shared at congressional hearings in the United States.”

“David Chapman, a Bermudian science educator and environmental scientists, spoke from Britain. Dr Chapman asked: “Do we as a society, in particular a unique small island, highly densely populated, with extremely sensitive endemic habitats – do we adopt, carte blanche, technologies that have been developed for a different set of societal and geographic parameters?”

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“Frank Clegg, the former president of Microsoft in Canada, linked 5G to increased cancer risk, reproductive harm and DNA damage.”

“Devra Davis, founder of the American group Environmental Health Trust, said damage from the frequencies of 5G extended to trees and insect life.”

Ayesha Peets Talbot, a paediatrician, said she was particularly concerned about the effect of radiation on children.

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