5G Petition Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield 

Download and use this 5G petition to collect signatures and send to Birmingham City Planning,  Andrew Mitchell MP and local Councillors

Download pdf here and copied below: 5G Petition – Why is 5G Bad

Why is 5G Bad?

  1. Long term it exposes children and adults to untested frequencies of 5G electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
  2. EMR from mobile masts and Wi-Fi damages children’s health and can result in memory damage, attention deficit, and delayed motor skills.
  3. Swiss Re Group, the reinsurance company, rates 5G as a “high impact” liability risk, because of its biological effects and potential claims for health impairment.
  4. Wireless carriers told U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal that they are not aware of any independent scientific studies on the safety of 5G technologies.
  5. Michael Mansfield QC is challenging the UK Government over 5G risks, and the FCC has been successfully sued for failing to ensure that its guidelines protect against harmful EMR effects.
  6. Campaigners in Brighton and Hove have blocked a 5G mast close to a primary school. The Council “failed to address the health impacts” of the mast, and was ordered to pay claimants costs of £13,340.
  7. There is now a legal responsibility to investigate possible effects on health. 5G technology cannot simply be assumed to be safe.
  8. Sutton Coldfield Council should safeguard our health as per section 2B of the National Health Service Act 2006. They are not doing this by allowing 5G masts.
  9. Two UK legal cases were won, one for an electro-hypersensitive (EHS) child classed as disabled and needing an ECHP, and for a social worker who won ‘early ill health retirement’ for disabling EHS, which stopped her being able to work.
  10. At least 800,000 people in the UK are experiencing serious EMR-related health problems already from 3G & 4G, which is made worse by 5G rollout.
  11. Sutton Coldfield council’s Public Liability insurance is unlikely to provide cover for adverse health effects caused by 5G masts authorised by the Council.
  12. Science has shown that negative non-thermal biological effects occur due to very low EMR levels, much lower than the current safety limits set by ICNIRP. These are being ignored by the mobile and broadband industry.
  13. Safer underground fibre optic wired technology has been used for Northumberland County Council and National Parks England. Lower cost 5G masts should not be installed at the expense of damaging our health.
  14. 100’s of scientists worldwide have asked for a halt to 5G, until risks have been investigated, but governments are prioritizing industry profits.
  15. 5G rollout in the UK is a violation of Human Rights, and without safety testing, it violates over 15 international agreements, treaties and recommendations.
  16. Multiple local city councils in England (Brighton, Hove, Devonshire, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, Frome, Totnes, Wells, Glastonbury, Trafford) are delaying 5G installations due to safety concerns.
  17. James Lin, an ex-ICNIRP advisor has reviewed epidemiological studies linking EMR and cancer, and finds that EMR exposure is probably carcinogenic to humans. He says the principle of ALARA—as low as reasonably achievable—ought to be adopted for EMR.
  18. 3 scientific papers now show a correlation between the rollout of 5G and Covid-19.
  19. Please object to Planning application 2022/07221/PA at the Birmingham planning website. https://eplanning.birmingham.gov.uk/Northgate/PlanningExplorer/ApplicationSearch.aspx
  20. Please use the objections at https://www.radiationresearch.org/articles/calling-all-concerned-residents-in-sutton-coldfield-to-object-against-5g-mast-application/  which have references for all the above information.
MORE INFO HERE  5G: Health Hazards:Written question – 259200 – UK Parliament