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Portrait of a Conspiracy: Alexander Lerchl: Cell Phones, DNA Breaks and Lies, $5 Million in Research Grants from German Government

For close to 15 years, Alexander Lerchl, a professor of biology at Germany’s Jacobs University, has spread disinfomation about research on cell phones and DNA breaks carried out at the Medical University of VIenna.

Now, a court of appeals in Bremen, Germany, has ordered him to stop or face a fine of $300,000 or six months in jail.

A year-long investigation by Microwave News has found that, while spreading a seemingly never-ending stream of lies, Lerchl has received $5 million in research grants from the German Office of Radiation Protection, known as the BfS.

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Lerchl became the best-funded RF lab researcher in Germany, in Europe and most likely in the world.

The BfS is also the principal sponsor of ICNIRP, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, which has long refused to acknowledge any link between RF radiation and cancer.

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Louis Slesin, PhD

Editor, Microwave News


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