The German Government said in 2007 that people should avoid using Wireless because of the risks it may pose to health. Then in 2009 THE FEDERAL OFFICE FOR RADIATION PROTECTION advises its citizens to use landlines instead of mobile phones, and warns of EMF from every device that uses Radio Frequency (GSM, UMTS, WiFi, RFID) and uses electricity. They said:

“The highest exposures found were due to the use of a mobile phone as a wireless access point with the phone in contact with the body (e.g., inside the trouser or shirt pocket), i.e., via tethering. In this configuration, the maximum exposure may even exceed safety limits by a factor of two or more, depending on the phone model (while always compliant when used at the ear, many phones today comply with safety limits for partial body exposure only when at a distance of 15 mm with their rear-sides towards the body).”

Germans Used Human Dummies Filled With Water To Say Wireless Is Safe, Smombie Gate | 5G | EMF
Figure 1: Estimated mean and maximum and minimal exposures of wireless network devices compared to other wireless sources (red: near-field sources; blue: far-field sources). These were compiled for the purpose of comparison at the end of the project and are subject to technology, usage, and implementation changes.

The research concluded with the following:

“Using carefully controlled in vivo and in vitro experimental systems and approaches, we could not reproduce previously reported induction of DNA damage by mobile-phone-specific signals. In addition, we found no indication of a direct DNA-damaging potential by the newly explored signal modulation used in modern data transfer technologies. On the basis of our investigations, however, we cannot exclude modulation-specific interferences as some of our findings provide hints about how EMF may interfere with cellular homeostasis other than by damaging the DNA. Altogether, these results clarify current uncertainties regarding the interactions of wEMFs with the human genome and they advance the conceptual framework for future investigations into their potential health impacts. In particular, their implications will stimulate and guide experimental research into the role of EMFs as a putative co- carcinogen or co-stress factor that might under specific circumstances potentiate adverse health effects. These contributions will also be of great value for the further development of tools for the screening and assessment of the biological effects of wEMF exposure and, hence, the safety of future wEMF technologies. In summary, the SEAWIND project has not only met all objectives of the call by closing the knowledge gaps in the exposure assessments of wireless network devices as used today, but went further to develop methodologies and instrumentation to enable rapid and cost-effective exposure evaluations of any future technologies operating at frequencies of 0.8 – 6 GHz. Novel tools for genotoxicity screening for any RF signal have also been developed. The screening we performed on selected signals did not reproduce previous findings of DNA damage induction by wEMF exposure but provide convincing arguments for the absence a direct DNA damaging potential of such exposure. Preliminary findings on modulation dependent interferences with cellular processes provide an important lead for future research that should be focused on the finding the site and mechanism of interaction of these external wEMF with the biology.”

The problem with current 4G and 5G testing on Humans is that we are not dummies filled with water and we’re not easily represented by 3D imaging applications

Most research is conducted using ‘flat phantoms filled with tissue simulating liquid having the same properties as human tissues across a wide range of frequencies.’ Why are scientists obsessed with 3D imaging and simulations? Why don’t they find ways to test exactly how people use technology?

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Germans Used Human Dummies Filled With Water To Say Wireless Is Safe, Smombie Gate | 5G | EMF
Figure 9: sXc-2450-Live Imaging Exposure System setup to study DNA repair dynamics. A: Pictures of the live- cell imaging wEMF exposure chamber sXcli-2450 (left), which can be introduced into the microscope table of a live- cell imaging epifluorescence microscope (right). B: Depiction of the theoretical recruitment dynamics of a repair protein to the sites of DNA damage induced by UV-A laser exposure. Analysis of different repair phases permit conclusion about impacts of the treatment on parameter such as DNA damage recognition or repair efficiency.

The only answer I can give is as the scientists call us in their study ‘a Layman’ – They like to set standards on experiments, but ultimately it’s cheap and easily manipulated according to the feelings of the scientists and their objectives from whoever is funding them. For instance, how is shooting a laser at cells anything like a child using WIFI on a tablet for two hours straight? It seems that a lot of the tests conducted in this German study were theoretical and limited according to their budget. They even admit that they cannot find any evidence of DMA damage, yet they know there are effects to the Genome they do not see. It simply doesn’t mean that 3G, 4G, WIFI or 5G doesn’t negatively impact the body. To the layman, they’re saying they don’t have the equipment to understand what RF is doing to the body. But we all know our Government’s military do, yet things like this are kept from the Public.


Smombie Gate believes that Live Blood Analysis should be used a lot more, as this provides direct observations to the state of subject’s blood before and after exposure, see this article:


The focus groups made positive suggestions

“The focus groups also made some demands and offered concrete political recommendations, e.g., providers should not only release information on risks, but should also be encouraged/obliged by law to reduce exposure. Participants also suggested that school curricula should include information (similar to traffic safety information) on the risks associated with wireless network devices (health as well as other).

Other suggestions included that the best knowledge available be summarised in the form of a leaflet and / or a YouTube video sponsored by the EU Commission, providing EMF measurement tools (i.e., exposure calculators) in public places such as schools and online, installation of a common regional network (there should be one single wireless network per region instead of a variety of overlapping signals), and production of urban risk maps featuring telephone antennas, high voltage power lines, and radio amplifiers, not to mention publication of information brochures and online articles.”

What the German Government advise

The Environment Ministry recommended that people should keep their exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi “as low as possible” by choosing “conventional wired connections.” The German government’s ruling was made by Green members of the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament. The German equivalent to ICNIRP, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection is leading the calls for caution. They said says Wi-Fi should be avoided “because people receive exposures from many sources and because it is a new technology and all the research into its health effects has not yet been carried out”.

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Source PDF study: Germans Used Human Dummies Filled With Water To Say Wireless Is Safe

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