CBS8: Verizon wants a conditional use permit to erect a 41-foot 5G tower at the northeast corner of San Elijo and Rancho Santa Fe Roads. The proposed site is in Carlsbad on the San Marcos border. There is a preschool, housing, and a future memory care facility next to the proposed site.
Many community member are opposed to the towers due to the health effects of long term exposure to cell tower radiation.

“Wireless radiation is harmful. Science is clear that there is harm, and the industry who’s profiting from that harm, it keeps repeating the same lie over and over again in hopes that it becomes the truth. And that lie is that wireless radiation is harmless, and in fact, it’s not.” stated Professor Kent Chamberlin, President of Environmental Health Trust in the CBS8 article. 

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Read the full article here. Source: Environmental Health Trust