When first reports that cell phone radiation could damage DNA emerged from the laboratory of Henry Lai and N.P. Singh in the 90’s a memo written by Motorola to their media advisors in 1994 announced the clear strategy that remains alive and well: war-game the science.

WARGAME MEMO Dec 13. 1994: A Motorola memo  -released by Microwave News -to the industry’s PR company Burson-Marsteller (from Norm Sandler to Michael Kehs) shows how close the relationship was between the industry giants, and the SAG team.

Sadler said in the memo that Motorola was prepared to tell the media that, until the work was replicated and interpreted “any conclusions about the significance of this study are pure speculation”. They also note that even if the DNA breaks are found, there is not evidence of increased cancer rates, anyway.

See the Wargaming Memo released by Microwave News here on page 13 . 

In the memo they plan tactics to dilute the effect of the report on DNA breaks. This comes from the leaked memo:

“I think we have sufficiently war-gamed the Lai-Singh issue, assuming SAG and CTIA have done their homework. “SAG will be prepared to release the Munro-Carlo memos, which touch on key points made in this material.”Devra Davis MPH, PhD, President of Environmental Health Trust (a local Jackson Hole nonprofit).

Wargaming the science Memo

The Media Strategy, as listed in the memo is to “wargame” the science. The documents on this webpage document the way that the wargaming is done. 

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