Today, Dec. 5th, 2018, Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP) wrote Senator Blumenthal of CT and Representative Eshoo of CA to thank them for their letter of Dec. 3, 2018 to the FCC, demanding documentation that 5G is safe, and to alert these members of Congress to the hazardous 5G “wifi in space/global wifi” plan now under implementation by SpaceX and other companies.

The letters are as follows:

Susan Brinchman, Director

Center for Electrosmog Prevention

PO Box 655

La Mesa, CA 91944-0655

Senator Richard Blumenthal

90 State House Square, 10th Floor

Hartford, CT, 06103

[Representative Anna G. Eshoo

698 Emerson Street

Palo Alto, California 94301]

Dec. 5, 2018

Dear Senator Blumenthal [Rep. Eshoo],

I am writing to thank you for jointly sending a letter to the FCC, with Rep. Eshoo of CA [Senator Blumenthal], to question its  documentation that 5G is “safe”. I commend you for this important action, which could well save the nation and world from disaster.

I would like to point out a related 5G imminent threat to the health of our entire nation and world – “wifi from space”, also known as “global wifi”, starting with a plan by SpaceX, approved by the FCC on March 29, 2018, currently in progress and being deployed.

I request that the FCC’s documentation on safety for this 5G plan be obtained, as well, with an order to immediately halt the project. Global wifi is planned by the likes of Elon Musk, contracting with NASA and other entities, to send up an unprecedented 12,000 low-orbit satellites using 5G millimeter waves, to turn the entire USA into “a wifi hotspot”. There are at least 20 companies, including OneWeb and Google, planning projects of this sort, some of which will become operational in the next few years. These companies are concerned with profit, not health. The problem is that wifi exposures are extremely hazardous, according to scientists studying the impact of high frequency (microwave and millimeter) rf radiation on the health of humans and all biological beings. There are some scientists concerned about the environmental impact of so many space launches and the use of this radiation in low orbit, on global warming /climate change, as well.

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I am electro-sensitive, thanks to the wifi-enabled smart utility meters put on our property in 2010 by our local utility, SDG&E. That means I get severe headaches, dizziness, ringing ears, sleeplessness, and an irregular heartbeat from exposure to microwave radiation now. I was responsible for helping to obtain the current smart meter “opt-out” in CA and subsequently, for reducing the fees charged for that privilege of not being irradiated.  People being harmed by rf radiation are growing more and more common as we experiment on the public without true evidence of safety, thanks to the FCC allowing 3 million times the exposure levels recommended by a large number of scientists studying this type of radiation. Doctors and scientists studying these effects warn that rf radiation can cause or exacerbate cancers, ADD, ADHD, learning problems, autism, neurological, cardiac, and immune system diseases, vision, hearing, and much more.

We must not allow Elon Musk to endanger the health of our entire nation and all biological beings within it, nor the entire earth, as his plan is 5G (millimeter-wave) “global wifi”. The FCC has zero proof it is safe, and never can prove it so, as all independent studies over the last fifty years show the terrible harm high frequency radiation does, a reason it is used in weaponry.

I am a first-hand victim of the FCC’s flawed policies that allow us all to be experimented on by radiation that does not occur in nature, that we have not evolved to handle. My immune system is permanently damaged by the exposure to the smart meters and I get very sick from wifi. I had to move to the mountains in San Diego to avoid the extensive exposures in the city with wifi and cell towers. There is very low radiation in my house and neighborhood, but if Elon Musk and other companies are allowed by the FCC to saturate the country and globe with microwave radiation, there will be no escape and the scientists feel we may all become sickened.

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I write to implore you to consider other dangerous microwave and 5G technologies the FCC is allowing to harm our environment and include these in the demand for proof of safety. I guarantee you they cannot provide it.

The FCC is not qualified to make these decisions and our industry-influenced health and environmental agencies have not been forthright about what the independent science is showing, with numerous signed consensus statements of researchers imploring attention be paid to the dangers of microwave rf radiation. The FCC is a fully captured agency of the United States that represents the interests of the industries it is charged with regulating. As such, it no longer serves the American people. Lobbyists from these industries should not be allowed to hold positions at the FCC, nor lead it. This puts the public at grave risk.

We need to have Congress delegate and fund an agency like the US EPA reestablish its Radiation Division, to include rf radiation, to establish independent, scientifically-based exposure limits and the safety considerations for space launches and satellites to provide wifi; to examine the potential impact of rf radiation and so many space launches on climate change; to place a moratorium on new wireless projects, including “global or space wifi” until such limits are complete; and for Congress to repeal section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, so local and state governments can protect the health of their citizens.

Thank you, once again, for sending your letter to the FCC. This may prevent a global disaster from occurring, here on earth and from space.

With best regards,

Susan Brinchman, Director

Center for Electrosmog Prevention


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