Colorectal Cancer and The Great Sperm Decline, Could It Be Related To Cell Phone Radiation? By Devra Davis

The good news: Colo-rectal cancer is dramatically dropping in persons over age 60 in many industrial countries. The puzzling bad news: Rates of rectal cancer have quadrupled in young adults under age 24 in the past decade in the U.S. and Iran and risen rapidly in the U.K, Egypt and Brazil. Increased screening is believed to explain much of the welcome decline in the elderly. But why has this very rare cancer become four times less rare and much more lethal in young adults?

A recent study documents these baffling increases in generational risk of cancer and provides one important clue about what could underlie them. The 4-fold increase in rectal cancer over the last decade in American young adults​ could very well be from cell phone radiation. Read full article HERE

Share Source: Environmental Health Trust