The FCC is proposing to ‘streamline’ the permitting process for small wireless facilities, without completing its investigation of RF health effects of low-intensity radio frequency radiation.  This fact alone argues against the FCC speeding and easing the approval of millions of new ‘small cell’ wireless antenna sites under Docket 16-421.  It also argues against permitting thousands of new satellite RF sources (Boeing Docket No. 16-1244, SAT-LOA-20160622-00058).   Health consequences have not been identified nor been factored into public safety limits. This is particularly true for the new 5G wireless technologies using millimeter wave frequencies (~28 GHz to ~71 GHz) that will be transmitted by small cells in the future.  It is also the responsibility of the FCC to formally recognize and act to reduce the health impacts of wireless infrastructure.   The FCC proposal only speaks to promoting and expediting new RF sources under the guise of preventing ‘unnecessarily time-consuming and costly siting review processes” while ignoring the duty to adopt new public safety limits that are biologically relevant.

MORE INFO HERE  “Rare Enough,” tells the story of DJ Stewart  diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer in May of 2019. 

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