Monday May 20, 2024

Julian Gresser and a Panel of Experts Evolutionary Conversation on May 20, 2024 —
How Empowered Local Communities Can Effectively Address Urgent Wildfire Safety Risks in an Age of Climate Turbulence and Cell Tower Proliferation,
Save Lives and Protect the Environment

New scientific findings are uncovering unique wildfire risks associated with the proliferation of wireless small cell and macro towers, smart meters and other IoT devices. At the same time, empowered local communities are innovating to address these grave risks. Please join our panel of leading experts to discuss this critical subject which every local community in the country must now address. This webinar is timely, as wildfire risks associated with cell towers and other wireless infrastructure will greatly intensify during this summer season. This is a foreseeable and avoidable catastrophe. It is also a matter of profound social and environmental justice and basic human rights. Not everyone agrees with the above statement; the purpose of this Evolutionary Conversation is to examine critically the available evidence on wildfire risks from cell towers.

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Julian Gresser, Host, Co-Founder BBILAN;

Scott McCollough, Chief Counsel, Children’s Health Defense;

Mitchell Tsai, environmental lawyer

Mark Davis, Co-Founder, Davis Levin Livingston (Honolulu), senior attorney handling Maui wildfire cases;

Odette Wilkens, attorney, founder and General Counsel, Wired Broadband, Inc. (WBI);

Melissa Allain, legal compliance expert;

Dr. Martin Pall, senior scientist;

Lake Tahoe Fire Safety Alliance: David Jinkens, Dana and Brett Tibbits*, Alan Miller, Robert Aaron;

Sheridan Tatsuno*, visionary environmental city planner, Gaiapolis Academy co-founder;

Erik Anderson*, engineer;

Ryan DiGuilio, Fire Marshal/Battalion Chief, City of Santa Barbara