Digital PTSD part II. The Practice of Art and Its Impact on Digital Trauma
MAY 20, 2021 FROM 05:00PM TO 11:00PM

Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea is presenting a two-part online program of talks, conversations, and artworks between 2020-2021, entitled Digital PTSD. The Practice of Art and Its Impact on Digital Trauma developed in the framework of the exhibition Espressioni. The Proposition.

It is counterintuitive, but Digital PTSD presents through an online platform a critique of the potential misuse of technologies by proposing an interdisciplinary enquiry into the possibility that a trauma from hyper-digitisation may be emerging, at both individual and collective levels. In the context of society’s growing reliance on online technologies and Artificial Intelligence, we question whether these tools may be sources of psychological distress, undermining physical and mental well-being as well as facilitating the affirmation of a technocracy which ultimately poses a threat to public freedom and social justice. What are the traumatic consequences of the sudden increase in virtual activities during a period when spaces of aggregation, such as museums, have been in extended lockdown? Digital PTSD invites to reflect on screen-based experience, the physical erosion of living matter, the transformation of life into big data, and the new digital epistemic regime.

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