Because there is little to no emphasis on electrosmog pollution on Earth Day, and some prominent Earth Day organizers seem to be completely unaware of the dangers to the planet and all life on earth from electrosmog, this letter was sent to Kathleen Rogers, President, and her staff of the global Earth Day Network. Chris Klein, of San Diego’s EarthFair 2019, denied Center for Electrosmog Prevention’s (CEP’s) participation in their Earth Day event, stating “your exhibit would not be appropriate for EarthFair”, even though CEP had exhibited twice before and was very popular, with lines snaking around the exhibit, as people were allowed to measure the rf radiation from their cell phones, and find materials explaining how to use them more safely, and learning about how to opt-out from San Diego Gas & Electric’s (SDG&E’s) smart meters. EarthFair’s staff then replied “we do see sufficient science-based studies that have advanced your concerns”, while denying a booth, and at the same time as being sponsored by a number of major electrosmog polluters such as SDG&E and Cox Communications. Their list of participants does not portray an emphasis on reduction of pollution. Rather, EarthFair San Diego offers booths featuring the marijuana industry and nudists, amongst many others seemingly unrelated. Perhaps our solely scientific emphasis has no place in today’s corporate-sponsored Earth Fair and Earth Day events. But the fact remains that electrosmog is a major and federally recognized pollutant that threatens the existence of the planet, according to many scientists.


April 21, 2019

Dear Earth Day Network President and Staff,

I am writing to request the inclusion of “electrosmog pollution” (the fastest growing pollution on the planet, caused by manmade electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) such as are emitted from cell towers, cell phones, and 5G small cells) in your Earth Day planning or year-round curriculum.

Electrosmog pollution from radiofrequency radiation is allowed to be tens of trillions of times higher than natural levels. This has led to exponential and catastrophic increases in overall levels of rf radiation that we are forced to be exposed to. This severely impacts all biological beings, according to many hundreds of independent (non-industry) scientists and physicians studying wireless and health.  The results are sharp increases in cancers, neurological, and immune system disorders, including development of electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS), recognized by the US Access Board in 2002. These impacts will soon become untenable, according to some scientists.

With the rollout of 5G, these levels are set to increase again, exponentially, and very dangerously, using frequencies auctioned off by the FCC that have zero safety testing, have never been used on a population, but that scientists warn are dangerous, drawing on many hundreds of studies involving millimeter microwaves over past decades. Scientists are not being listened to about 5G, which is being unleashed from earth-based street poles (all along our streets, resulting in close proximity to dangerous small cells) and via 20K satellites, beaming 5G signals down to earth, with total coverage of the planet to occur by 2020.

We must not cater to industry or sponsors and ignore electrosmog pollution. That would be (and now seems to be) a fatal error for the Earth.

I have exhibited several times in San Diego’s Earth Fair, and as a longtime educator with 4 teaching credentials and a Masters in Education, I only use scientific information and exhibits. However, this year, I was not allowed to exhibit, because the director of the Earth Fair felt there was no scientific basis to warn people about 5G, cell phone radiation, and smart utility meters. He could not be more wrong. But this is the sort of ignorance amongst so-called “Earth Day” activists. Perhaps it is due to having major polluters as sponsors. That should be discouraged. One ends up with a polluter’s “circus” atmosphere with no booths concerning saving the earth at all.

I encourage year-round actions to be taken to get the word out to reduce electrosmog pollution, not increase it. To place a moratorium on 5G rollouts. To listen to the scientists!

Let’s not forget the main message!