September 4, 2020: EHT sent a scientific letter to the US National Park Service regarding 5G and wireless infrastructure in National Parks. 

“Expanding wireless communications in parks will irrevocably impair the wilderness experience. With the science on our side, we firmly believe there are wired solutions that would be far less damaging.”

“A now-retired US Fish and Wildlife Service wildlife biologist, the former lead on telecommunications impacts, Dr. Albert Manville, has written to the FCC on impacts to birds and higher frequencies to be used in 5G and authored numerous publications detailing research showing harm to birds.“The race to implement 5G and the push by FCC to approve the related 5G license frequencies to industry are very troubling and downright dangerous.”

“There is no federal health agency that has ever set safety limits for trees, birds or bees. Our outdated wireless radiation limits were never intended to protect the nature around us. No agency even has a funded mandate to ensure our flora and fauna are safe from cell tower radiation. In other words, it is a gaping hole in federal accountability. Thus, wireless infrastructure expansion should be halted until proper safety limits are developed.”

Read EHT Letter to US National Park Service on 5G, Cell Towers and Impacts to Pollinators, Trees and Wildlife 

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