May 13, 2020 Environmental Working Groups comments to the Federal Communications Commission proposed rule on Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields

“Research by the National Toxicology Program, or NTP, which conducted the largestever animal study of RF radiation, supports earlier evidence from human studies that long-term exposure to RF radiation can increase the risk of cancer. Specifically, the NTP study found clear evidence of tumors – malignant schwannomas – in the hearts of male rats, as well as some evidence of malignant gliomas in their brains and tumors in their adrenal glands. 4 A study conducted by the Ramazzini Institute, in Italy, obtained similar results showing elevated cancer risk. 5 The NTP study also demonstrated that RF exposure in laboratory animals can cause DNA damage.6 EWG also highlights an important study from scientists at the National Institute on Drug Abuse that in people, exposure to cell phone emissions is associated with changes in brain glucose metabolism in the region closest to the antenna. ”

“EWG concludes that the existing RF exposure limits should not be applied to 5G technologies or to RF emissions above the 6 GHz range. We urge the commission to withdraw this proposal and to restart the exposure limits reevaluation process. The epidemiological and toxicological risks of RF exposure deserve thorough study if we are to protect the public health, especially that of our children, from excessive and potentially unsafe levels of exposures to RF emissions.”

Environmental Working Groups comments to the FCC on Human Exposure to 5G Frequencies