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‘This investigation delved into the correlation between thyroid nodules and the use of Bluetooth headphones, elucidating the potential implications of NIR in daily life, particularly its impact on thyroid health. The findings suggest that besides age, a known factor, prolonged and frequent use of Bluetooth headphones may be associated with an increased risk of developing thyroid nodules, potentially linked to the cumulative effects of NIR emitted by the headphones on the thyroid gland. Moreover, this study underscores the necessity of giving special attention to thyroid health while assessing the health risks of modern wireless technologies. Although this research offers valuable insights, its limitations preclude direct inferences of causality. Future research should further investigate the specific relationship between long-term use of Bluetooth headphones and the risk of thyroid nodules, and develop more precise preventive measures to mitigate the potential health risks posed by NIR. Additionally, the findings of this study provide crucial guidance for public health policymakers, aiding in the promotion of modern technology while simultaneously enhancing public awareness and prevention of its potential health impacts.’

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