Recently, hundreds of scientists have stepped forward to express their concerns over the dangers of long and short term exposure to EMFs. Thousands of published studies showing effects of cellular radiation on the brain, body, and the environment have added fuel to the flame, igniting the conversation regarding safe tech use. But are these concerns simply fear-mongering and so-called conspiracy theories? Or is there a robust body of scientific evidence behind them? And is putting a cellphone next to the most powerful technology on the planet––your brain––or your developing children’s brain––really a good idea?

What really goes on in the brain when you decide to pick up the phone and call a friend?

Audio taken from The Communicators: Dr. Nora Volkow CSPAN interview

Read the report regarding Dr. Volkow’s study from Microwave News here: Connecting the Dots: Putting the Volkow Brain Scans in Perspective

Read EHT’s detailed interpretation of Dr. Volkow’s study here:


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