As Smombie Gate increases its breadth of research, we’re coming across a lot of interesting telecoms content. The video in this article below is of particular interest, as quite possibly without the General Public’s knowledge, Ericsson have been testing 5G under our noses, in our communities without permission – If you live near Ericsson telecoms gear that there’s a good chance your community has been tested on. As 5G Guidelines by ICNIRP haven’t even been finished yet, this could put Ericsson in a very grey area in legal terms, and Smombie Gate will find out the truth on this in the coming months. Companies and individuals who are making decisions on our health without knowing the full risks involved are acting recklessly. Just the other day we reported that LG states in their 5G phone manual that they don’t know the long term risks of RF exposure. Smombie Gate has approached Ericsson on social media about whether or not 5G is safe, their general reply was to block our account.

Watch 4.50 in, Joakim Sorelius, Head of 5G Product Development, states:

“We have launched our 5G software to turn on 5G in 2018… Almost 150 products we’ve been deploying across 190 networks across the World since 2015 are all capable of 5G. We have been working on 5G ever since 4G was launched, it’s been a good testbed to work out what the requirements are of 5G. ”