The Building Biology Institute (BBI) is a nonprofit organization that educates and certifies environmental consultants, electromagnetic radiation specialists, and healthy building design consultants with proven methods to secure homes, schools, and workplaces from toxic indoor compounds and electromagnetic pollution. Their classes and resources are regarded worldwide. 

Key Quotes

 “The Building Biology Institute’s certified practitioners operate at ground zero. They are alleviating the suffering of thousands of people in the United States.”

“By refusing to assess health risks and establish health regulations based on considerable scientific peer reviewed studies, the FCC is jeopardizing the lives of millions of people; for the most vulnerable people, who are chronically exposed toRFR contamination, the FCC’s policy may constitute a death sentence.”

“The crux of the matter is that the FCC’s maximum human exposure limit is based on the false assumption that non-thermal radiation is not and cannot be harmful.”

“Building Biologists often care for clients who are ill and desperately struggling simply to survive in their own homes from RFR exposure. Clients include children and parents, professional people and elderly citizens, those with preexisting serious disabling conditions, and others who have recently become Electro-Hyper-Sensitive (EHS). Most of these victims are people of modest financial means, who do not have an easy opportunity to escape exposure. None have consented to be irradiated. More specifically, they are being told the radiating devices are ‘safe.’”

“More and more people and children will certainly develop sensitivities in the future. This is because bringing 4G/5G antennas to residential streets will increase power density by a factor of 100 to 400 times current levels inside people’s homes.”

“There is also a deep question of health injustice. Protection of homes and workplaces from RFR contamination is very expensive for ordinary working people. But for economically disadvantaged citizens, minorities, disabled persons, and other vulnerable populations, the services of a Building Biologist are not an option. There is simply nowhere for them to go to escape RFR exposure. The present FCC thermal regulation, in addition to lacking any sound scientific foundation, as pointed out by Petitioners, is perpetrating a continuing, ever-expanding, and cruel injustice.”

The Amicus Also Presents Excerpts from People Harmed by RFR

“The cases reported in the addendum document how ordinary vulnerable citizens, their families, and properties are being seriously harmed by RFR contamination caused largely by commercial companies, delivered without and against occupants’ consent, with no tender of fair compensation.” 

  • “The buzzing in my head was so maddening at times I thought this was an extreme form of torture.”
  • “My eight-year-old daughter had started to vomit uncontrollably at night, sometimes for hours.”
  • “The imposition of RFR contamination costs without fair compensation on people and businesses affects the entire population, but falls most cruelly and tragically on poor people, minorities, and the elderly, who have no medical, legal, or economic recourse at all. They are trapped.”
  • “The present FCC thermal regulation today exposes a large percentage of the population to extremely high levels of RFR contamination, which a substantial body of peer-reviewed scientific studies, cited by Petitioners EHT and CHD in their joint brief, confirms is very hazardous to humans and other living things. The FCC order appears to disregard the scientific record entirely.”

Amicus of the Building Biology Institute Source: Environmental Health Trust