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Posted on Jun 7, 2022

The journal PLoS One has published a systematic review conducted by femu entitled: “Systematic review of the physiological and health-related effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposure from wireless communication devices on children and adolescents in experimental and epidemiological human studies”.
The aim of this review was to systematically analyze and evaluate the physiological and health-related effects of the exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF EMF) from wireless communication devices (mobile phones, cordless phones, Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Bluetooth, base stations, etc.) on children and adolescents. A total of 42 epidemiological and 11 experimental studies were eligible for this review. Overall, the body of evidence allows no final conclusion on the question whether exposure to RF EMF from mobile communication devices poses a particular risk to children and adolescents.

The article can be found in the EMF-Portal, in the PubMed and on the PLOS ONE homepage.

https://www.emf-portal.org/en/news/2081 Source