With highly engaging, if not frustrating, storytelling, Palmer describes how officials from local school districts to parliamentarians in Canada’s House of Commons ignored the science and continue to pursue wireless in schools despite evidence showing the harmful effects on children.

Palmer recounts how at one local school board meeting on wireless effects, the school superintendent went so far as to turn his back to a video in which students offered testimonies describing symptoms undoubtedly related to electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). That way, Palmer explains, the superintendent could say he never saw it.

He describes how the Canadian health care system, which he calls “profoundly conflicted” with the telecommunications, pesticides, and pharmaceutical industries, went into protection mode when the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Health recommended that physicians update their guidelines and consider continuing education materials regarding the diagnosis and treatment of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Officials also rejected a reporting system for potential adverse reactions to wireless radiation. Officials have gone from ignoring the effects of wireless radiation to developing a set of recommendations for medical practitioners to burying those recommendations, he said.

“We are forcing children to be exposed to 5G wireless,” listed as a “possible carcinogen” by the IARC, he told officials, including one who countered that coffee and car exhaust are also possible carcinogens. Palmer replied, Show me the school where you’re forcing the kids to breathe car exhaust for six hours per day.

People affected by EHS are not losing their minds, but the standard of practice in Canada is that if a patient doesn’t respond to medicine, then they are referred to a psychiatrist. Palmer’s stories are enough to drive you mad but listen anyway as he tells his in floral and lively detail.

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https://ehtrust.org/fight-of-flight-the-run-from-5gs-harmful-effects-on-kids-with-rodney-palmer/ Source: Environmental Health Trust