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When I became aware that the possible source of my health problems could be EMF and started to look for information in PubMed and other reliable sources I soon got amazed that there was so much and so persistent insistence in the “ionizing vs. non-ionizing” debate for discrediting the idea of biological effects of EMF. I found the “non-ionizing” argument has a flaw.

Search of the published studies has remarkably shown that there was apparently little attention paid to the possible effects of high doses of electromagnetic waves/fields, within the range of the lower frequencies, on the weak chemical bonds of bio-molecules. There are large gaps in the knowledge, and even more when very short time intervals might be involved, for instance femtoseconds. Studying these gaps could prove fertile for better understanding essential biophysics and biochemical processes and unsuspected impacts on the health.

I have tried to call the attention of several scientists to examine effects of EMF on weak chemical bonds but they either had no funding available or they did not reply to my communications.

To the best of my knowledge research in this field is still quite pending.

I am aware that the force necessary for breaking chemical bonds must be standard and generalized for biological creatures submitted to the same level of irradiation, these are physical parameters which do not fluctuate but derive from the laws of physics. I made this objection to myself based on the obvious evidence that not everyone gets sick from EMF and that the idea that disrupting weak chemical forces might account for at least some of the disturbances associated to EMF radiation looked rather implausible: chemical bonds do not differ depending on individuals, they are a fixed parameter for everything alive.

However, what can make the difference is the ability for a living creature to sense and to warn about a disruptive event and to repair the consequences of the disruption and that might just represent the difference between having or not symptoms and overreactions, of feeling sick or not.

It is obvious that whatever happens (if anything) when a cell or full organism is submitted to the effects of a phone base station for instance can be more or less easily repaired since there are no obvious casualties in front of them. But some people, including me, feel that something goes wrong at those moments, perhaps only transient and temporary but noticeable for the coming hours or days. Since I am aware now of the possible link between EMF and health complaints my appreciations may appear unreliable from a scientific point of view, even to myself. However, I also have events where I was not aware of the presence of EMF and yet I strongly reacted to them; or I thought I was exposed despite feeling nothing wrong and it turned out that the place in question was surprisingly clean from radiation. It is from the perspective of a thinking and talking “guinea pig” that these lines are written.

Water is essential for all and every biochemical process. Water molecules attached by hydrogen bonds to each other, to proteins and different bio-molecules and submitted to microwaves could suffer distortions in their spatial configurations and if these are significant enough that would require constant rearrangements, eventually triggering some alarm signal within the nervous system of very sensitive persons. I interpret my transient nausea and frequent airways symptoms as possible consequences of this mechanism.

The same goes for the weak van der Waals forces. Certain processes taking place inside tissues easily reached by the EMF used in telecommunications could be disturbed at levels involving weak bonds. Healthy organisms would quickly repair them, otherwise they would not survive. The constant molecular metabolism would require a high consumption of energy. Eventually, it should be possible to observe an otherwise unjustified high metabolism rate as an indirect indication that something unusual is going on in response to EHS exposure.

Constant alterations in the functioning of cells cause also long lasting consequences. It is known that a moderate exposure to radiation (both ionizing and non-ionizing) protects from a number of varied insults happening afterwards, including higher levels of the same radiation. This points to the obvious reflection that EM exposures have some noticeable biological effects.

I would like to point out to what looks like another missing research in the hope that someone with knowledge, technical means and financing might feel the call. One of the capital arguments against the recognition of the condition “electro-sensitivity” is the evidence that this people do not seem to be able to distinguish between the provocation with real and sham EMF. Such studies have a heavy weight in the revisions of EMF literature and in the policies of the authorities concerned with deployment of technologies emitting EMF and what they might do to their users.

However, I find no research where the laboratory wave generators used in provocations (in other studies too) are carefully assessed in order to make sure that they really produce waves with identical architecture and characteristics as the ones emitted in real life by commercial devices, phones, base stations and the like. If sometime the effects of EMF are to be thoroughly evaluated the way persons, animals or cells are exposed to challenges should be quite standardized after carrying extensive research without encountering too many conflicting results. And the exposure protocols should reflect what humans encounter in everyday life, for instance complex mixtures and long exposures. This is far from being the case. Until then those who deny that EMF may have a negative impact on the biological entities are simply showing their disregard for the principles of the scientific method and depending on who they are may be putting health at risk.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Dariusz Leszczynski