Health and medical professionals are recommending that we reduce these EMF exposures because of a growing body of research which documents adverse biological effects from low level wireless exposures (Miller, 2019). 

Children are uniquely vulnerable to EMFs just as they are to other environmental toxins. As wireless is now ubiquitous, children will receive a greater cumulative exposure than today’s adults, with exposure starting before they are born (Miller et al., 2019). Both their ongoing physical development and physiology put children at greater risk. 

  • Children absorb proportionally higher doses of cell phone RF-EMF in the eyes and critical brain regions than adults due to their smaller heads, thinner undeveloped skulls and the higher water content in both their bodies and brain (Fernandez et al., 2018). 
  • Children’s developing brains are more susceptible to neurotoxic exposures (Redmayne and Johansson, 2014 and 2015).
  • Children have more active stem cells and stem cells have been found to be more sensitive to RF-EMF exposure (Markova et al., 2010).
  • Safety limits for RF-EMF from cell phones and cell towers are outdated as they were set over two decades ago in 1996 and are based on the body of a large adult, not a child (Gandhi et al., 2012). 
Share Source: Environmental Health Trust