Honor the Extraordinary Dr. Devra Davis on Her Birthday Dr. Devra Davis is a trailblazer still pioneering new paths in public health even on her 75th birthday! We want to thank this scholar and scientist by raising $25,000 for an unprecedented Important new research study to measure the total real world everyday exposures of young children to wireless radiation. This new research would make the invisible- visible. Go Fund Me Link https://gofund.me/5544baf9

This breakthrough research — beginning this fall— is the vanguard charge that Devra Davis has led her whole life: — Four decades ago, Devra Davis measured tobacco smoke in airplanes, spurring scientific research that eliminated smoking on flights. — Devra Davis is among the team that showed how the earth and human health would be harmed by climate change receiving the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. — Now Devra Davis is raising the clarion call on 5G wireless radiation which is the next critical — and fixable — environmental health hazard facing the planet. Help make Devra Davis’ birthday wish come true. Donate to Help Environmental Health Trust, the organization Davis founded in 2007, to support this groundbreaking study on children’s real-world exposure to wireless radiation.

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Children are swimming in a sea of wireless devices. This study in collaboration with electrical engineers trained in bioelectromagnetics will look at the numerous wireless devices children’s are exposed to such as a baby hugging a wireless tablet to her body in a room with a Wi-Fi router and a 5G antenna outside and a child with a Wi-Fi on his lap, AirPods and a smartwatch in a Wi-Fi classroom.

Want to read one of Devra Davis’ visionary books? Donate $1,000 and we will send you a signed copy of Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation. Happy birthday, Dr. Devra Davis!

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