“How the FCC Shields Cellphone Companies from Safety Concerns,” ProPublica, November 10, 2022. By Peter Elkind. “The wireless industry is rolling out thousands of new transmitters amid a growing body of research that calls cellphone safety into question. Federal regulators say there’s nothing to worry about — even as they rely on standards established in 1996.”

“It’s very natural for the FCC to listen to the industry,” said Edwin Mantiply, a former FCC staffer. “That’s their audience and who they deal with most of the time.” But, he added, “They’re answering to industry more than anything.”

“We’re really in the middle of a paradigm shift,” said Linda Birnbaum, director of NTP, 2009-2019. It’s no longer right to assume cellphones are safe, she said. “Protective policy is needed today. We really don’t need more science to know that we should be reducing exposures.”