‘A woman in Burnage said a staff member working for IX Wireless told her to “get used to it” after a mast was installed outside her home.

Rachelle Partington said a telecoms pole went up next to her house on Broadlea Road on April 27 “without warning.”

When the 42-year-old called to complain about it, the company initially claimed not to be aware of the structure, but a member of IX Wireless staff later became “abusive” to Ms Partington after phone calls telling them to take it down.

The company has agreed to move the mast to another location after talking with the resident and investigating the calls.

Ms Partington was told this will be done in the next three or four weeks.

She said: “They’ve been really weird and abusive on the phone, I’ve asked for a copy of the phone call because they were so abusive, but they’re refusing.

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“I’m due to buy the property and I want to put a driveway on and remove a bush but where the mast is blocks the access.

“I just went out one day for three hours and when I came back it was up, I didn’t get a letter about it going up, no one here did.”

Ms Partington added: “I told the woman on the phone that they wouldn’t know who got letters about it because they’re not part of the community here, and she started shouting.

“She said they hired her to deal with people like me, it was just bizarre. She said if it wasn’t us it would be someone else, times are changing, you have to get used to it.

“A manager did apologise to me, but they’ve not sent the recording.

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“The mast is an eye sore, I see it when I look out my window, it’s ruined the view. Everyone here wants it removed, we’re all bothered about it.”

IX Wireless said their infrastructure is “being welcomed” by communities where digital exclusion is high.

A company spokesperson said: “We acknowledge that there will be some minor disruption from installing new infrastructure and we aim to keep this to a minimum. The company is keen to work with local residents and welcome any input which can help to improve our service.

“The company investigated the claims and calls from Ms Partington to our customer support team. We have held further discussions with Ms Partington and following this we can confirm that we have put plans in place to move the post to a new location.

 “We will continue our follow up directly with Ms. Partington to confirm her satisfaction of the planned resolution when completed.

“Many people have welcomed investment in the roll-out of digital infrastructure, and where necessary we are happy to speak to residents who may feel a structure is causing an obstruction and this is a normal part of our process when the pre-notifications are sent.”