Giving Tuesday was created to unleash the power of the people.

Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for EHT to fulfill its mission to safeguard human health and the environment by empowering people to use state-of-the-art technology in a safe and responsible manner for everyone.


This year, Environmental Health Trust is joining Giving Tuesday to raise the voices of the hundreds of thousands of people who have expressed their concern about the massive increase in radiofrequency radiation from the use of wireless cell phones and devices and deployment of millions of cell towers and antennas. The landscape of our earth has been permeated by cell towers with little to no regard for the impact they have on human health or the environment. We are working to ensure these towers are not placed close to our most vital resources of all — our children.


Last year on Giving Tuesday, we set out to make an impact among educators, school boards, and parents to inform them about the documented harms arising from wireless radiation and the deployment of cell towers and antennas near schools. Thanks to many generous donations, we were able to reach out to the departments of education in all 50 states and send our wired school toolkits to PTAs around the country.

We developed and delivered resources to nearly 500 local PTAs. We have many more to approach.

This project is even bigger than we had imagined and the work involved in locating and connecting with PTAs, teachers unions, and school superintendents continues. We have also focused on addressing the inadequacy of FCC wireless safety limits because these outdated and nonprotective limits are used time and time again by administrations to defend the use of wireless in the classroom.

We have called on Secretary Cardona to take a leadership role in developing nationwide guidance on best practices to reduce non-ionizing electromagnetic exposures in schools and colleges and to eliminate wireless connections in classrooms and replace them with wired ethernet.

We are just beginning to crack the shell of indifference as we coordinate with like-minded organizations to identify community leaders we may educate and deliver vital information on the harms associated with wireless electromagnetic radiation.


Most importantly, on this Giving Tuesday — and everyday — we urge you to take steps in your home to reduce wireless exposure. Wired connections are the safest way to use the technology that has truly changed our lives but not without creating unsustainable hazards.

We must ensure that we are doing what we can to create safer, less hazardous homes and classrooms. 

For every $25 we raise, we will be able to send our Wired Schools Resources Toolkit to five more PTAs. But funds raised on Giving Tuesday means more than just enabling us to send letters.  We are working to identify leaders who can help change the future for our children. We set out to make a live connection with PTA leaders and to educate them about the hazards of wireless technology in the classroom.

Having a point of contact at a PTA is more effective than merely sending out toolkits. By being able to do outreach to specific leaders with whom we can develop a personal bond, we can affect entire communities.


— If you have a PTA that you would like to recommend that we contact, please feel free to share emails and contact information of your local leaders so that we may reach out to them. Send your information to [email protected]. If you would like to host a presentation and conversation with EHT experts with your PTA, School Board or Teacher/Staff Union about electromagnetic radiofrequency radiation and the hazards that wireless digital devices can create in classrooms, please let us know.

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