Narbonne. Nadiane, electro-sensitive, can stay in the shed

LaDepeche.FR Published on 11/27/2021 5:15 AM

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This Friday, November 26, the Criminal Court of Carcassonne released a judgement for Nadiane, 60, who lives somewhere in the forest in the Haute Vallée.

A victim of electro-hypersensitivity that can cause her violent headaches, burns, discomfort, Nadiane, 60, lives in a shed, on her 13 ha of land, with two donkeys in the woods.  On September 10, she was tried by the Carcassonne Criminal Court for having built a makeshift house on her land, without the consent of the Departmental Directorate of Territories and the Sea (DDTM).

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This Friday, November 26, the Criminal Court of Carcassonne rendered its decision and noted the prescription of public action in this case…

Nadiane can therefore stay in her shed, the justice has released her.

There was a time when everything was going well for Nadiane. “My life was magnificent, I could not hope for better,” she said, her eyes veiled with tears, in our columns yesterday. Until the first symptoms of his invisible pathology appeared. “Gradually, everything fell apart. No longer supporting the waves, I stopped. I had a strong feeling of discomfort, headaches, aches, rashes on the body. I held on. two years before realizing that in order to save myself, I had to leave. “

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