Wireless radiation is linked to numerous health effects and communities are enacting laws to restrict installations near homes.

Jonathan Mirin of Hilltown Health hosted technology safety experts Scott McCollough, Telecommunications Attorney; Dr. Kent Chamberlin of the New Hampshire 5G Commission Report on The Health and Environmental Effects of Wireless; Theodora Scarato, Executive Director, Environmental Health Trust; Andrew Molnar, a citizen who helped write Ithaca, New York’s protective wireless zoning bylaw.

The American Academy of Pediatrics as well as medical organizations internationally such the Austrian, Vienna, Cyprus and Athens Medical Associations, the International Doctors for the Environment and hundreds of scientists all recommend reducing child’s exposure to wireless radiation.

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The European Parliament Study “Health Impact of 5G” concludes that for the frequencies of 450 to 6,000 MHz “are probably carcinogenic for humans, in particular related to gliomas and acoustic neuromas” and in regards to reproductive developmental effects “these frequencies clearly affect male fertility and possibly female fertility too. They may have possible adverse effects on the development of embryos, fetuses and newborns.” 

Check out Environmental Health Trust’s downloadable factsheets, infographics, podcasts and youtube videos.  Environmental Health Trust (EHT)is a non profit think tank focused on environmental health. 

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