The 2020 edition of The European 5G Conference will take place in Brussels, Belgium on January 29th & 30th. The majority of the issues concern technology and its deployment. Safety limits are mentioned, in passing, in the outline for the session #7. In fact, there is kind of complaint that because ICNIRP recommendations are not binding for the EU states, this hampers deployment of the 5G:

“…Whilst there are European recommendations on limits (based on guidelines from the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection), these are not binding, and in some cases this is hampering 5G roll-out...

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Outline for the session #7 shows a push for harmonization of safety limits across the European Union, meaning every EU state should be obliged to use ICNIRP safety limits, no exceptions.

Here is the full outline of the proposed content for session #7, dealing with human health safety, or rather with how the health safety issues can hamper deployment of 5G.