May 15, 2024

Regarding the recent cell tower controversy. If you think the government is protecting you against radio frequency radiation… think again.

We have a situation in Bruce Peninsula regarding a cell phone base station that is generating controversy. Some people, mostly those from outside your community, want a new cell tower and many within your community oppose. According to the Staff Report (BD24-10), 28 out of 32 residences within the search radius oppose this tower. It is my understanding that at least three of your constituents are likely to become homeless if this tower is erected.

I’m an environmental toxicologist and for the past 29 years I have been studying the biological effects of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation. For the previous 25 years, I studied the effects of chemical pollutants on the environment. I am now retired but still trying to protect the environment and the health of the public. Which is what those who are objecting to the placement of the cell tower are also trying to do.

Those who believe that the government is protecting them against the harmful effects of radio frequency radiation emitted by cell towers and other wireless technology are unaware of the history of environmental pollution regulations in Canada. When it comes to environmental pollutants the government is VERY slow to bring in regulations that protect the public and the environment. Look at the government’s track record with asbestos, tobacco, pesticides, estrogen mimics, fluoride in drinking water, toxic metals like mercury (they still allow dentists to place elemental mercury in your mouth!).

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And those who believe the municipal government plays no role in the placement of cell phone towers are unaware that it was municipalities that helped bring in pesticide regulations. While Health Canada has the authority to register pesticides, municipalities and provinces have the authority to further impose restrictions on the use of these products. Provinces and municipalities have Health Departments for a reason. Many provinces and municipalities have enacted a ban on cosmetic use of pesticides for improving the appearance of lawns and gardens because of such health concerns regarding pesticides. The same can be done for radio frequency radiation.

Just because you can’t see, smell or hear something doesn’t mean it can’t hurt you. You can’t see, smell or hear DDT but it kills birds and other species and has now been banned in several countries.

If you should happen to purchase property near a pig farm, you can’t complain about the smell. However, if the pig farms moves next door, and the farm affects your well-being and your right for you to enjoy your property, you have the right to object.

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Just as some people have chemical sensitivities, pollen allergies, and life-threatening reactions to nuts/seafood, others have electrical sensitivities. According to the World Health Organization, “ . . . EHS [electro-hyper-sensitivity] is a real and sometimes a disabling problem for the affected persons… Their exposures are generally several orders of magnitude under the limits in internationally accepted standards.” What this clearly states is that even when our federal guidelines are not exceeded, some people can become quite ill.

Whether you use wireless technology in your own home is your concern, however, when others generate radiation that infiltrates your home and prevents you from sleeping, causes headaches, cognitive disfunction, mood disorders, heart palpitations dizziness, nausea, skin irritation, tinnitus then you DO have the right to object.

You may not be sensitive to this radiation now, however, this can change with the added radiation generated by the cell tower. If you have ever had physical damage to your nervous system in the form of a concussion or whiplash; if you’ve had exposure to chemical toxins and/or biological toxins, especially mold; if you have Lyme disease; if your immune system is compromised; if you are elderly or very young or if you have balance issues then you are likely to be adversely affected by this radiation. And, if it is your home, you can’t get away from it unless you move. Once you become sensitive to this radiation you need to avoid it if you want to recover.

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Those opposing the location of this cell tower are simply trying to protect their health, your health and the health of the environment since plants, insects (especially bees), migrating birds are also adversely affected by this radiation.

Dr. Magda Havas