Objection against application number 2021/10032/PA and site address BHM19716 for Hutchison Networks (UK Ltd) – Moor End Lane, Streetworks, Moor Lane, Erdington B24 9DL

 I am shocked to hear that Hutchison has appealed against the sensible decision by Birmingham City Planners to refuse a phone mast application. The proposed phone mast, 4 no. equipment cabinets and associated ancillary works application is outrageous and will create a hazard for the local community.

This enormous phone mast and four cabinets would be placed in a heavily populated area, including near a school and a busy road junction. It was obviously refused by Birmingham City Planners for good reason to protect the health and safety of all road users and pedestrians while protecting the local area from the visual impacts associated with the clutter of four equipment cabinets and looming and overpowering visual impact of a huge phone mast creating a blight on the landscape. The mast would be a constant reminder to the risks it poses causing fear, stress, and anxiety for the local community, this is a material consideration and should be taken into account.

Hutchison appealed to the Planning Inspectorate during school holidays and is therefore not allowing the residents or the teachers and parents of the children attending St. Barnabas Church of England Primary school a fair advantage to provide sufficient time to make representations with the deadline of 7th September 2022. The residents are unfairly uninformed and prejudiced and this is not acceptable considering the gravity such a decision. The notification procedure is unjust.

I wish to resubmit my complaint against the mast application with further information that has become known since my original submission.

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