Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition July 14, 2021 webinar featuring Theodora Scarato MSW, Executive Director of the Environmental Health Trust.

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What resources do teachers have to teach students how to reduce cell phone radiation?

The California Department of Public Health issued guidance on how to reduce exposure to cell phone radiation, including keeping the phone away from the body, reducing cell phone use when the signal is weak, reducing the use of cell phones to stream videos, and not sleeping with your cell phone.

Education modules for students were developed in partnership with the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition to teach high school and middle schoolers about why and how to reduce radiation from cell phones and wireless devices.

What are teachers and school staff doing?

Numerous teachers’ unions are calling for reducing RFR exposures in schools to as few sources and as low emission levels as possible.

  • The United Educators of San Francisco passed a resolution to inform students and staff about why and how to reduce cell phone radiation.

  • The New York State United Teachers union passed a resolution regarding safer technology and released a set of  “Best Practices.”

  • The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation Limestone District has called for a moratorium on Wi-Fi.

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