A great deal of your constituents and a growing number are now questioning your mental health capacity and fitness to stand as an MP on behalf of the people.

It is blatantly obvious to any rightminded person that the country is been steered into bad weather and is destined to flounder on rocks that will destroy it using false maps, charts and compass.

We have therefore put together a number of simple questions for you to answer, using a simple Yes or No, so that we can understand if you’re mentally fit to represent us or are infact suffering mental health problems that make it impossible for you to understand the struggle the Country and your Constituents face from an unprecedented deception orchestrated by international terror groups.

Please circle either yes or no with a black pen there is only one actual answer so do not get confused by the question and do not get one of our paid public servants to respond to the questionnaire on your behalf, as that will be deemed as cheating, disqualifying you from role. A NO response to this questionnaire will confirm your lack of competency to fulfil your role as a Member of Parliament.

  1. Does Ubiquitous man made Electromagnetic radiation pollution cause immune system suppression, sterilization and is a known environmental pollutant.                                       YES         NO
  1. The Paris COP climate agreement confirms chemical spraying of the skies as part of weather modification agenda                                                                                                    YES         NO    
  1. Carbon Dioxide is 0.04 a trace gas in air, plants require CO2 to produce Oxygen as well as growth greening the plant which in turn cools the planet.                                                                            YES         NO
  1. Oil and Gas traded at $140 and averaged $115 from 2010 – 14 It is now $93, therefore are energy prices deliberately inflated to destroy private businesses                                                           YES          NO
  1. 5G is an urban radar battlefield derived weapon system deployed across the United Kingdom to track the COVID 19 Nano metamaterial antenna                                                                              YES         NO
  1. The Barrington declaration from the actual leading scientists in the world was ignored in regards the actual dangers posed to the economy and people from lockdown                                                   YES          NO
  1. Did you know that the COVID 19 vaccine was an experiment that injected a Nano metal material antenna into an unsuspecting population                                                                                                   YES          NO
  1. Do you accept the increasing all-cause mortality of over 18% over a 5 yr. average as an acceptable death rate caused by following the WEF script and Gov. Guidance                                                         YES          NO
  1. Ionospheric heaters, radiation and the weather weapons multiplication including Arial aerosol spraying from planes causes climate change                                                                                                YES          NO
  1. Did you know as is shown in all the science that Electromagnetic Radiation and in particular 5G causes flu and COVID 19 symptoms                                                                                                      YES           NO

The answers are posted at this web site  you can check your results to see if you’re mentally fit to represent your constituents as there are grave concerns at how you seem not to be able to question the globalist terror agenda destroying our country

If by chance you have passed the mental health questionnaire, we would like to ask you are you following the same script that Rishi Sunak mentioned in the spectator leading to the destruction of our country and democracy on behalf of the international terrorist organisation namely the WEF World Economic Forum.